Then my mission to find an ambulance was suddenly scrubbed (at least for the time being), I came across an ad for a Carryall. All reason left me. It was definitely too small to be of much use in my Set business, except of course for the smaller props. But I was smitten, I had to have one!
1941 1/2 ton Carryall 
So I began searching for more information on the Carryalls. I discovered there was also a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton version of the WC series. The 1/2 ton being manufactured in 1941 and the 3/4 ton primarily in 1942. So I needed to decide between the two. I love the sloped hood and rounded nose of the 1/2 ton WC series of trucks, but really didn't like the cut out rear fenders and the tires seem undersized for the size of the truck. So I looked at the WC53, the 3/4 ton Carryall. It seemed to have a more rugged stature, I preferred the rounded rear fenders and the wheels/tires looked better proportioned to the rig. So my search was finally narrowed to the one year and model. I had learned that the problem parts for these trucks were the rear seats, which were generally discarded, the tailgate, which was usually damaged or rusted out, if present at all.
1942 3/4 ton Carryall