A few days later I came across John Ferrie's site, (Vintage Military at http://www.webaccess.net/~ferrie). He had listed there a WC53 Carryall with all of it's seats and a rust free body in good shape. It was priced higher than other Carryalls I had seen ads for, but it looked like it was in very good condition and almost complete, so it seemed to me to be a decent price considering what I would have to spend in time and money to bring a lesser rig up to it's condition. My next step was to e-mail John and get more info about it. He replied a week later and said he was in Brasil for another month, but would send me more pictures and info when he returned.
In February 2000, John sent the info and pictures. It looked pretty good to me, so I made the decision to go to his place in Fort Collins, Colorado to take a look at it.
Click here for the pix John sent me