Here is a collection of related sites
and contact numbers for many of my suppliers
W.W.II Dodge Forum
W.W.II Dodge Motor Pool
Dodge Power Wagon Forum
Gordon McMillan's W.W.II Vehicles
M37 - Big Electric
Olive Drab
Military Vehicles Mailing List Archive
Portrayal Press
Military Vehicle Restoration Forum
W.W.II Dodge 1/2 ton
Military Vehicles Posting Board Forum
White Star
Enygma Graphics
Military Vehicles Magazine
Surplus Trucks
Parts & Vehicles
Vintage Power Wagons
Vintage Military
Midwest Military
Powder River Ordnance Depot
Veteran Vehicles
Vintage Wiring of Maine
Suppliers not on the Internet
T.G.'s Automotive Machine Shop
Hawthorne, California
310 679 3604
Larry Watts
Spirit of '56 Auto Body
Fort Collins, Colorado
970 493 4885
Doug's Machine & Custom Grinding
Fort Collins, Colorado
970 484 9229