February 1, 2001

Primed and painted the inside of the radiator shell.

February 2

Painted the exterior of the radiator shell.

February 4

Finished stripping the firewall of cables, wires, nuts and bolts. While I was at it, I pulled the package compartment (glove box) and map board along with it's slide rails. The heat shield was also pulled off. Other than being water stained and brittle, the shield was in very good shape. The paint behind it, though dusty, looked new.

February 17

Pulled the pitman arm this afternoon, enabling me to remove the steering gear and shaft. Once that was out of the way, I welded up the "extra" holes in the firewall. I left the holes that were made to accommodate the heater, since it was installed by the Army (the heater's base coat of paint was olive drab). I'm not going for a "factory" restoration, but rather one that reflects it's use in the 7th Service Command.

Once everything was welded up, I ground the patches smooth and gave them a shot of primer. When the primer was dry, I gave everything a skim coat of putty to fill the little bit of pitting that was left. Sanded on the firewall a bit to prepare for it's eventual paint job.

February 18

Cleaned all of the gunk off of the steering gear box, and then dismantled and cleaned up the housing bracket.

February 19

Dismantled the steering gear housing and column jacket. Thoroughly cleaned everything and chased all threads. All of the bearings and sleeves passed inspection, so I greased up the bearings and worm gear and reassembled the gear box. Made both end play adjustments but decided to hold off on the mesh adjustment until I bring the steering wheel back to the shop. I want to be able to "feel" the adjustment properly. The column jacket needs a bit of work at the ground strap mounts which have been beat up pretty good, particularly the lower one which will need some more material added.

February 22

Lashed down the Carryall to the trailer once again and towed it down the DMV to get it and the trailer titled. When I got there, I was informed that they couldn't verify the Carryall because it was incomplete, no transmission. Arrgh! Paid all of my fees and hauled it back to storage. I'll try again later.