I don't know much about the vehicle, but here is what I've been told by John Ferrie who sold me the Carryall. He purchased it from a gentleman who locates vintage military vehicles for him. This one was found in Wyoming where it was purchased from a miner. John said when he cleaned it out he found various mining implements, a gold pan, etc.
This is the oldest photo I presently have. John Ferrie took it when he acquired the truck in around '95.
While cleaning out the heater I came across two old copies of Wyoming vehicle registration forms dated from '80 & '81. It had belonged to a Chris West of Casper. I've been trying to contact him or a relative to get some additional history, but no luck as yet.

If any one has any information about Chris or knows anything about my Carryall please contact me at dmiller@dampsets.com

After sanding down the hood I've uncovered the vehicle's registration number


The frame number is


The body tag number is

4249 6757

The data plates were all missing of course, so I have no idea what the delivery date is. Nor do I have any idea of where it was assigned during it's military service.

Sanding on the passenger door revealed a seven point star. This places the vehicle in the service of the Seventh Service Command which was headquartered in Fort Omaha, Nebraska during the war years and served much of the midwest.